Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Judy said...

*hyperventilates* AMAZING comp!

This is so cliche but I would love to do my mum's nails in a really pretty French manicure. She's always admiring my colourful nails but having been a care worker/cleaner/childminder/hairdresser all her life she hasn't been able to look after her nails beyond a quick file every so often. Would love to glam her up a bit!



aaminahs mom said...

Love this! I emailed it to you . My choice is the Wonderful SADE I would love to paint her nails a vampy purple or blue.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would love to do Katie Perry's nails and paint each nail a different 'striking' colour !
Thanks :)

eversojuliet said...

Oooh, this is exciting. I'd paint the queen's nails and give her a union jack manicure (to celebrate the jubilee!). Is that weird? Ha.

My twitter name is @julietblog.

Thanks! x

Louise said...

I would love to paint Florence Welch's nails! I'd do them in all strong retro/vintage colours, such as mink, teal, burgundy and variations of blacks and greys and nail art either pastel or vibrant florals and vines on them :). x

Thanks Lou :)


alison said...

I would love to do my mum's nails as she works so hard and never has time or money for herself. I would paint her nails with flowers like pink roses, daffodils or pansies as she is an old romantic and loves her flowers

alison said...

i forgot to leave my twitter name...ooops


Viktoria said...

I would like to paint Eddie Izzard's nails, just because I think he is awesome and would look good! I'd use a holographic polish in a bright blue...and I'd have to try Konading them too.

My twitter name is @EternalLife_

Joyfalula said...

I'd love to do Natalie "Sonia" Cassidy's nails as she always looks a bit drab. I'd liven her look up with hot pink glittery nails!

Twitter: @Joyfalula

Hannah said...

Ooooh amazing competition!

I'd paint the British Olympic girls' nails who are now the faces of beauty brands - Jessica Ennis, Victoria Pendleton and Keri-Anne Payne. I'd paint 'Brit & Proud' in a black scripture font on a gold (medal) background across their nails, bringing a bit of British pride back to the nation!

My twitter it @FreshLookBlogs



Justine said...

Siouxsie from Siouxsie and the banshees a bright metallic blue she still looks great.


Cat said...

I'd like to paint Katie Piper's nails hot pink with glittery ring fingers because she inspires me more than anyone and that's my favourite manicure to wear, so it would be like giving her a little piece of my personality in the same way that she's influenced me so much with hers!

my twitter is @imcatwest :) xx

emma said...

My mum's nails in whatever pretty colour she liked :) I know she used to really look after her nails and always had them long and painted when she was younger but she doesn't get the chance these days!x

emma said...

oops my email is emmalcm@msncom

Charlotte said...

If I get could get my hands on anybody's nails it would HAVE to be Katy Perry's. She's always got the most unique and striking nail designs, she just has so much fun with it! I think I'd get a little bit nail-happy and have to do a different design on each of them.

I'd follow a theme of Katy Perry's most iconic looks across the years of her poptastic career. I'd obviously take influence from the California Girls video, and stick on some lolly-pop shaped decorations, I'd use a metallic blue colour on some of the nails to signify the blue hair phase, go for a bit of 'geek-chic' for Katy Beth Terry maybe with some geek glasses, some nail art in the shape of a pout to represent 'I Kissed A Girl', some dice for 'Waking Up In Vegas' and I'd have to include some cat faces for her cat Kitty Purry. Ok, I think I'm getting carried away now so I'm going to stop. What an awesome contest. Thank you!

My Twitter is @Charbuckss

LouiseMCW said...

I'd love to paint Johnny Depp's nails with pirate skulls and crossbones- basically just so I could touch him!!! :-)


Anitacska said...

I would paint my girls' nails with colourful and glittery polishes because they're always admiring my nails, but they're not that good at doing there's yet (they're 10 and 7), but really adore colourful glittery nails. :)

Twitter: @Anitacska

Michelle - Butterfliesandlillies said...

This might sound strange but I would love to get my hands on christine waltons nails - she has the worlds longest nails and I would paint each one of her spirally nails in a neon/glow in the dark polish, it would look cosmic
Twitter @michelle378

Fab giveaway :-)

BeautyGeekUK said...

What an amazing giveaway!! I'd like to makeover my own nails (selfish, I know) because I've only just started getting into nails but I need sooo much practice as my creativity is miles ahead of my actual ability! Good luck to everyone who enters :) xx

Madame Poirier said...

I'd like to give our service women a manicure - these tough but beautiful ladies could use some glam!
Armed forces (army/navy/airforce) should have nails either in field camouflage or a modern 'french' in colours to match their dress uniform; Police should have glossy black with silver decals, Fire fighters hot red with a yellow neon stripe.

Fayfe said...

I would paint 10 symbols of hope on each of my mother-in-laws nails to wish her luck in her fourth and hopefully last stay in hospital to treat Leukaemia. As she has lost her hair and the condition of her skin is so dry after chemo, painted nails is the only thing which she can do for normality at the moment.

In fact I think I shall do just that before she goes back in.


Little... said...

This is such a nice idea!

I think I'd like to choose Emma Watson. She has beauty and brains and so I think I'd choose a classic look - a half moon manicure - but rather than red I would choose black with a high shine gloss for a more modern twist. Still beautiful and classic but with an exciting edge!



Little xxx

MsDarkFairy88 said...

I'd like to paint Angelina Jolie's nails a bright cerise pink because I think she is too boring with her style so a bright pink would liven her up!


Hollie said...

I'd love to paint my mums nails, she's always admiring the colours I paint with but she never has the time to give herself a manicure as she is always running around after everyone, and her work doesn't allow any nail polish!
I think she needs a lovely bright polish to brighten her day!


Rebecca said...

30?! That's bloody amazing!! Although I couldn't promise I wouldn't buy anymore if I won. I've got a serious nail varnish obsession at the moment!

If I could do anybody's nails it would have to be my darling friend Amy. She isn't allowed to wear nail varnish to work so I'd love to do her nails a gorgeous bright, bold manicure with lots of nail art at the weekend. I do this already on quite a frequent basis so to have some new colours to experiment with on her (and myself!) would be fabulous!

Rebecca xx


All Things Beauty Makeup and Shopping said...

Such a great giveaway!I would love to paint the Queen of England's nails! That would be Fun!x

Twitter @ATBMS


GretalRabbit said...

Wow! What an awesome giveaway (thank you!) I'd love to do Zooey Deschanels nails, she seems to like cute designs on her nails so I think she'd really appreciate it. I'm not sure what I'd do though- I just did a splatter design on my own nails so perhaps that! :)

Je-lee said...

Oh my gosh! What an awesome giveaway, I gotta try this. I'd like to paint Alexa Chungs with like a pastel blue background and a black abstract swirly kind of patten on them.

My twitter name is; @JessPlayford

Cara Robinson said...

I'd totally love to do a man's nails haha, like Mark Wright from TOWIE. I bet it would be a right laugh to paint his nails in brights/neons and make him wear it all day haha! Maybe even do a few male celebs for charity :)
Twitter: cara_robinson

Hafsa said...

Without a doubt, I'd paint my mums nails. She's forever on her feet and it's easy for her to forget about herself when she's worrying about her family all of the time. I'd sit her down, give her a hand and foot massage then give her the best pedicure and manicure she's ever had.

Knowing my mum, she wouldn't want anything fancy. A nice deep red would do to show up the classy, elegant and ladylike woman that she is :)


Vicks said...

Id love to give a make over to the lady who holds the guinness world record for the longest nails - could give her a lovely manicure and trim and still loads of rome for some funky nail art!


Nicola said...

If I could manicure anyones nails it would be Audrey Hepburn,such class! A classic french polish but with a slight shimmer to the top coat with small diamante on the little finger right hand.
If they have to be a living person then Kylie of course with mavala's Adelaide

from @freshtherapies

Sara said...

Hi! I would love to makeover Madonna's nails. Her hands are so thin and look like they need some major TLC. So I'd do a deep conditioning manicure, like a paraffin wax one. Then I'd puck something Elegant but unique, such as a half moon manicure in a sexy nude/navy combo.

Hopefully that would stop people from ragging on Madge's hands and treat the pop queen to something nice in the middle of awards season.

Thanks! My twitter handle is @SaraNeill_Utv. Xx

nav said...

I'd love to do a family member's nails. She has the most beautiful long nails, which I feel I could totally transform into sleek and sophisticated. I'd start off with a base coat, a soft pink base and then I'd add the french tip but with flame like curves upwards onto the "bare nail". I'd add a small pink rhinestone on the corner of each nail in the same place on each one and add baby pink opaque accents to the "flames". I wish I could show you how I see it in my head!

Many thanks for holding this giveaway :)

@nav_beauty xx

Dolly Darling said...

I'd either paint my little sister's nails as she's just become a mum and needs a bit of pampering . . . surely changing nappies with deep blue nails has got to make the job a bit more glam? Or I'd paint Catherine Middleton's with some shocking foils! How would that look at high tea ; ) x

Natalie Williams said...

I'd love to paint my mom's nails. She lives in Zimbabwe and is an activist, so often goes without beauty products and pampering and I gave her a french manicure once and I've never seen her so excited! She'd love it!

Twitter: @Gbutterfly

Fiona said...

OOOOooo now i'd love to paint Angelina Jolies nails! I've never seen her rock any eclectic style or colour on her nails so i'd definitely pull out my adhesive sticker kit and give her something wild!...

Perhaps the famous leopard print red moon design like this one [ http://daily-nail.blogspot.com/2011/08/reverse-rockabilly.html. ]

She's such a role model and figure so i'm sure she would set a HUGE trend whilst still being as elegant as she is!

Twitter: @eaudefiona

Dani Dutra said...

Really amazing comp!

I am feeling a bit gaga-esque today, so would paint Lady Gaga's nails - either liquid metal (mixed gold, silver and copper) or a muscles/meat design!


Just me, Leah said...

Squee! Lovely competition :)

I'm getting married in April and I'd love to paint my mum's nails as she has arthritis in them and probably won't be able to do her own nails. Then I'd give a bottle each to the other ladies who'll be at the actual ceremony and keep the rest for myself ;)

Leahdavidson1974 at aol dot co dot uk

Just me, Leah said...

D'oh, I meant to leave my Twitter not my email. @funkimunkibadge x

Sophie said...

Wow, what a giveaway!

I would love to do my friends nails for her, but she lives in the US. She is always complaining about how bad she is at doing her own, and how she wishes I would live closer to do hers.

I would do a hot pink manicure with some black zebra stripes and added glitter!

My twitter name is @melovemakeup

alicekatex said...

I would love to paint Cheryl Cole's nails a nice coral with jewels on. I think it suits her personality haha :) .. alicekatex is the twitter name x

mcmademoisellelikes said...

Wow that is a fab giveaway!
I would love to do Duchess Catherine's nails a vibrant red with a bit of glitter, taking her off her usual nude nails and putting a bit of vibrancy on her hands (don't let me near the Queen though, she might end up with a black & silver inverted French manicure!)

mcmademoisellelikes said...

Oh and my Twitter name is @MamzelleLike D'Oh for forgetting to put it in first!

Madame Poirier said...

Oops! Twitter: @mstaffyank

Anonymous said...

I would like to do Tom Daley! sound odd?? but well he's a diver - his hands would be scutinised as they cut through the water into the Olympic pool so they would have be perfect Union Jacks!


Kirstie Stuart said...

I'd paint my friend Amber's nails. She is always helping me out with stuff and works so hard at 3 jobs along side being a student. She deserves a treat.
I'd paint her nails a bright colour like Nice and then paint little flowers or sweeties on them. Quirky, bright and fabulous - just like her personality.

MindyandRoo said...

Eeeeeee awesome giveaway!

I would love to do the late great Elizabeth Taylor's nails, i would love to do a pale pink shimmer colour with a violet flower on each nail, to match her famous violet eyes, and the centre of the flower would be a REAL diamond! ( come on i can't give the Queen of diamonds any fakes! ) <3

My twitter is @EyesOn_ThePrize

Ta my dear

Sabrina said...

I would love to paint Noel Fielding's nails. I think something bright and sparkly would suit him perfectly.

Sabrina (@Beatles4Life)

Leanne OCD said...

I'm going to have to choose my friend, who is getting married on Saturday! I'd have to move away from the classic bridal french manicure and give her a funky french, using a Deep Blue (for luck of course!) @LeanneOCD x

Ness said...

I would pain Jessica Ennis' nails in Mavala Sparkling Gold. Good luck Team GB!

twitter: @nessnessk

Sarah said...

Can I choose me?

I had a baby in December and I have not had a manicure since November and yes it's not in my priorites... but it should be!!!

I would love these so then I would have a reason and need to have beautiful nails all the time.

If I had to choose someone other than me I would choose my best friend who has been such a rock to me the last month or so as I struggle with all things momsville.

Twitter @twonkywaffler

sarahlouisa said...

I'd like to paint Victoria Beckham's as she never tends to wear a lot of bright colours so I'd pobably paint each nail a different colour just to brighten up her look (quite literally)


Charli said...

I can't wait until my niece is old enough so I can paint her nails :) will have to wait a while she is only 4 months old!!!
twitter - @Charli008