Thursday, 4 October 2012


Polly said...

Thank you so, so much for this post.

I worked as a data entry clerk for my local cancer unit this summer. It was the most powerful reminder I've had yet - far more so than any dress up day or pink product - that this is a disease, it is too common, and for many, utterly devastating from suspicion to diagnosis, treatment, and eventual outcome. I see names I recognise in the deaths section of the town paper, and a close friend's mother is still coming to terms with the PTSD she has suffered as a result of her experience.

I admit to writing a post about this that was mainly focused on the product (or offer), but did include a link to a self check guide and support charity. Awareness is paramount, and self awareness even more so, for men AND women.


Wildthyme said...

My Aunt (mum's sister) died of breast cancer in 2008. She'd had it for over ten years - in remission then out and finally discovering it had gone to the spine and liver.

My mother will not ever get over her death and blames herself for my aunt dying alone. My gran will never get over the fact she has so far outlived one of her two children.