Thursday, 1 September 2011


Jan said...

I love Joan and her no nonsense views - I have her book "My friends beauty secrets" where she interviews such luminaries as Shirley Bassey , Joanna Lumley, Ali McGraw to name a few and it is full of common sense stuff. I think she is fabulously glamorous and wish I could be the same, I am just too lazy plus I don't have her bone structure ;-)
I look forward to hearing what she has to say. Jan x

Anonymous said...

I cant stand Joan Collins. I have heard a lot that comes out of her month and she is total snob, who is a master at putting other women down about their looks, lack of success i.e money etc. The concept that she is the epitome of glamour is totally outdated- I can remember the 1980's (the era she is still stuck in) and I do not see many women trying to copy her style in 2011. Most modern women have a totally different concept of glamour. The idea that her style is 'elegant' is laughable