Sunday, 4 March 2012


Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up said...

Funny you posted about this! I just came back from there! It was mad. I go to the one in Olympia but this one was more hard core. People are soo annoying.
Also, I love how most of the girls do FULL make-up with huge eyelashes- as if they were going out.

I also saw some people for TOWIE? I had to ask who they were as people were getting overexcited. Never ever watched that show. I think one of the guys was having a spray tan demo? Gross!

Anyway, I manage to get a few bargains and I love talking to make-up brands that are not easily accesible on the high street. Nice to put a face to the voices and to get an insight at the new products out there.


ps: The casessss- I'm there with you! They should be banned!

UnevenLemming said...

It was freakin' mad when I got there at 10.20! I couldn't even even get close to any of the major brands, which was a shame. I did manage to get
to try some gel varnish out (calgel) which is so far very impressive.
If I heard screaming and I went in the opposite direction, because I knew it would of been madder! I did spot one of them walking around afterwards, but still don't know which one lol.
Cases - I had 4 heavy bags when I left, they're a pain in but the blisters on my hands would show I really needed one!

Now to hide all the purchases away......

Claire (The Beauty Scoop) said...

I love that you took a photograph of that particular wheelie bag, wouldn't it be funny if somebody read this and recognised it as theirs haha.

Also, I've been to the Manchester one a few times, and only one of those times was on a Monday - never again, toooooo busy! xx

Anonymous said...

Great blog made me laugh out loud at points and also starting to panic as I did not think this through properly, I'm off there tomorrow and I didn't think about the students!! Deep breaths clear mind and some yoga meditation techniques are definitely in order to survive. A huge Well done for being brave and taking on the task of helping out, much admiration for you x

dailypolish said...

I'm sad to have missed you, I didn't even show up till 4pm to try and avoid the crazy queues!!! I mostly hung out around the Minx table to gossip with the SS girls (including my nail tech and her daughter when she popped by).

I had fun at the Pai stand, I definitely think they're a brand for me to watch as I have incredibly sensitive skin and their products felt amazing on my skin (and super reasonable price points - certified organic too!).

I also liked finally finding an Aromatherapy stand where everything wasn't sealed and no one minded me sniffing things to find what I liked (as I'm very scent sensitive I have to be super careful what I buy or I'll end up with products that trigger migraines!).


saintlydevilish said...

This was my first.. and my goodness was it busy there.. I didn't get to speak to as many as I would've liked. Trolley's well they were suppose to be banned.. didn't anyone tell security? TOWIE people..hmmm.. if I saw them I didn't recognise them.. saw their stall.. but wasn't tempted. Did get a couple of treatments.. at bargain prices! BEAUTY ALL STARS was great, James Read, Sue Marsh, Daniel Sandler and Anastasia Achilleos ..James Read is quite a character.

Samantha Malkin said...

Ha Ha brilliant - you captured it perfectly.... I too hate the wheelie cases!!

Anonymous said...

From your pic of the Tanboy van I just had to mention my favourite beauty-related company at the moment: U-rang, U-tan - I think it's a mobile spraytan service and I just love the name.

Andrea said...

Wow, I'm glad that I didn't go! I'm thinking of going to Pro Beauty North in October instead, it might be a little less crazy!

Well done to Sweet Squared, they really are fantastic and always a pleasure to deal with over the phone. Their service is second to none and the staff are lovely and knowledgeable.

Well done to you too Jane! x