Wednesday, 30 November 2011


LDNGirlAboutTown said...

One of my favourite walks have to be the walk between Marylebone station in London to the council estate in Rossmore Road down along Harewood Avenue. For the first 16 years of life, the council estate at the bottom was what I called home and Marylebone station was the closest tube and rail station to me which had an air of sophistication about it. This walk is about a 5-10minute walk depending on my pace but I used to make this walk all the time. In the evenings it would be routine for me to come home from school, pick up my Evening Standard by the gentleman who sits by the side exit, catch of glimpse of the famous Sea Shell Restaurant where some times you can smell the vinegar and freshly battered fish, walk by my old primary school hearing the shouts of children from the playground, past some fancy looking house entrances, see the 139 or 189 bus whizz by down Rossmore Road and onward to home. I feel safe walking this path all the time and my favourite song blasting on my iPod is the one thing that completes this.

CherrySue said...

Ooh, fancy!

My favourite walk would have to be to the stage in Dublin Castle to accept my BA this week, I had my lads foolishly young but they're in the audience, 14 & 15 and cheering me on. Glorious.

Product Pixie said...

Woah, what a giveaway! I like. A lot.

My favourite walk would have to be my walk home from work everyday. I recently moved house after a horrible break up and, after years of long commutes to the office, live within a 30 minute stroll.

It is SUCH a treat to be able to wander home down nice roads, taking my time, not being pushed around on the train or bus, and the fact that it comes at the end of a pretty rubbish year makes it even better.

Some amazing new shoes to do it in (well, to carry in their dust bag whilst I wear my ballet shoes) would make it that little bit extra special.

I'm a size 7.

Kathrine x

Sara said...


My favourite walk is more of a climb up Carnmoney Hill in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, close to my sister’s house.

It’s enough of a challenge to make you feel great when you get to the top, but also suitable for my dad to join us on, as well as my exercise-challenged sister and superfit brother-in-law, and their dogs.

To get to the top takes around 30 minutes, where there are great views right across Belfast Lough and the area where I grew up.

It just reminds me what an amazing city Belfast is, and I’ve been able to chat with my family about our day. What more could you want?

My shoe size is 39 and my email address is


Sara xx

La Belle said...

What an awesome giveaway!

My favourite walk would have to be here in Frankfurt with my boyfriend - we walk from the cathedral down to the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge), then we stop and look at the view over the city. It's an especially lovely cityscape at the moment, when the night comes earlier and the city is all lit up. Then we go on into Sachsenhausen with all its nightlife, maybe find somewhere to stop and have a drink. It's a nice, relaxing wander through a city to which neither of us is native, but that we have come to love.

Computergirl said...

WOW. I too neglect my feet, in winter but this gadget looks fun.

My favorite walk in the world, in terms of scenery I think I would have to say the walk to Lands End in the UK. There is something very special about Cornwall anyway, but walking along the coastline and arriving literally at the end of land is quite amazing. Then when you see the sign that tells you how many miles to New York and John O'Groats it really makes you feel small and humble, yet as if you are on the edge of the world and anything is possible. the way the light dances on the ever changing sea is hypnotic. It's quite refreshing- not to mention beautiful in all sorts of weather.

In terms of most favorite and personally meaningful I would probably have the say the walk I did in aid of Cancer Research. Thousands of people turned up, all with stories to tell- even Cancer patients who were in the middle of treatment. I was very proud to honour someone with all my training walks and the actual walk itself. It was a very tough, but inspiring day that I will never forget.

My email is computergirl2007blog (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk and my shoe size, guess I'm going to have to go for a 41. I know Loubs are a little on the small side, but hopefully they'll fit my weird big feet!

Thanks so much for this opportunity xx

Charlie said...

Oh wow, what an amazing giveaway!
I could give you a sentimental tale about the quiet walk to my Granny's grave, or a tale of woe about walking on Dartmoor reminding me of the days when we were a family and before my parents divorced. But no.

My favourite walk is that rare walk I get to have every couple of weeks to the Post Office. I walk to the Post Office considerably more than once a fortnight but it's only once a fortnight or so that I get to experience it without small children, either on reins or in pushchairs.

Having no family locally its rare that I ever get time to myself but just once in a blue moon I get the chance to go to the Post Office on my own and walk at my own pace, without nagging anyone to walk faster, or stop running, or stay away from the roads, I can just walk at my own speed! It's a novelty you can't explain to someone who isn't a stay at home Mum!

I'd probably be 38.5 or 39 in these depending on how small they run, am usually a 38!

SarahBee said...

My favourite walk in the world is up a hill in Rock in Cornwall. When on hoiday there is 2010 my fiancee and I climbed right to the top of this absolutely beautiful hill and stood at the top taking in the view of the area and turned around to my fiance proposing to me! Of course i said yes!! and on the walk back down the hill I kept shouting "I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!" I can't walk there now without feeling all warm and fuzzy and smiley.It was perfect <3

My email is
my gfc is SarahBee

Blonde and the Beauty said...

My favorite walk has to be in Paris, down the Champs-Elysees around christmas and right after the first snow. The twinkling lights, the gorgeous Arc De Triomph make the hustle and bustle, the rude remarks and the metro worth it, because in those moments, before the snow starts to melt, the people turn it into disgusting brown sludge, it is the Paris of my dreams.

A Girl Turning 30 said...

Oh, I'd love to participate! my favorite walk would be after a good evening run. My runs are the time I am completely alone with my thoughts, pondering, my ideas, hopes and fears. I run for about 40 minutes, and the storm in my head slowly calms down. And then it's a nice slow walk home to catch my breath, to feel a pleasant tiredness in my feet, to congratulate myself for a moment of goodness I've done for my body in mind. That would be my best walk.

A Girl Turning 30 said...

Oh, I'd love to participate! And my size is 37, sorry for the 1st comment posted without that indication.

My favorite walk would be after a good evening run. My runs are the time I am completely alone with my thoughts, pondering, my ideas, hopes and fears. I run for about 40 minutes, and the storm in my head slowly calms down. And then it's a nice slow walk home to catch my breath, to feel a pleasant tiredness in my feet, to congratulate myself for a moment of goodness I've done for my body in mind. That would be my best walk.

The Shoe Blogger said...

Ever been to Laurieston Forest in the Galloway Forest Park, South West Scotland? Compared to some of the other marked walks in the area the two at Laurieston at really short but they take in some amazing scenery around the Kennick Burn.
(I'm a size 7/40)

K said...

My favorite walk is on a beach on a hot summers day!
My shoe size is 7.

Deni said...

I have just returned to the UK after having spent nearly half a year in Sydney, Australia. When I was over there me and my new friends did the Coogee to Bondi beach Coastal walk several times. Now that I am back home I miss those long hours walking along the ocean coast because I associate it with talks with the lovely people I met while I was abroad and getting to know more about them and the different countries they come from.
Hopefully, I will remain in touch and be able to visits them in their home countries(Sweden, France, Switzerland, Canada, Marocco and Malaysia) very soon...

Susana said...

My favorite walk in the world is actually in London: the walks in Regent's Park that lead to the Open Air Theatre. The first time I went there I was going to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the beautiful views of the park really helped me get in the mood for the performance.
Whenever I go to London, I try to visit Regent's Park, it's a glorious place no matter the season.

My shoe size is 36. Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!

Hannah M said...

My shoe size: 5
My favourite walk: The long walk home after university in December and it's freezing, but then getting in to the house and feeling the warmth and seeing my young brothers smiling face and my mum and dad giving me a hug. The Christmas tree lights are on and there's a Christmas movie on TV and pressies under the tree. The fire's lit. Walking home in the freezing cold and up the hill may be hard, but it's worth it just to get in and see all that :D

Hannah M said...

My shoe size: 5
My favourite walk: The long walk home after university in December and it's freezing, but then getting in to the house and feeling the warmth and seeing my young brothers smiling face and my mum and dad giving me a hug. The Christmas tree lights are on and there's a Christmas movie on TV and pressies under the tree. The fire's lit. Walking home in the freezing cold and up the hill may be hard, but it's worth it just to get in and see all that :D

Victoria Pavlova said...

It was in Norway a couple of years ago. I visited the Briksdalen glacier and there's only so far where the car takes you. Then there's 45 minutes walk to the glacier itself in the most breath-taking scenery possible. Mountain river, waterfalls everywhere, and some trolls are hiding under the rocks. I'm not very good at hiking (much better in high heels shopping :)but I didn't even notice the distance. The glacier was looming over the valley and it was magnificent. It has been there for thousands of years and it will be there for thousands of years still.

I wanted to go back ever since and I will one day.

Anonymous said...

My favourite walk is one I've only ever done once and that was my walk down the aisle at St David's Hotel to marry my husband, arm in arm with my father.
Never have I felt so overwhelmed and overcome with love and excitment. It is a walk I have ever and hopefully will ever only do once, but it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Shoe size is 41

xiao said...

As an international student, every day is about assimilating and adapting to cultures and forms of speech not of my own, so my favorite walk in the world is the familiar street lined with overhanging trees that leads to home.

My shoe size is US 6.5, which I guess is the equivalent of EU 37. Thank you very much :)

Ayana said...

My favorite walk in the world is a park at a university close to my house. This is the same park where my husband and I had our many afternoon dates and he even proposed to me there on a beautiful cold winter night two years ago. We love that park so much and try to go back as much as we can, especially for the memories!

Matilda said...

My favourite walk is walking to church.Sometimes,i feel uncomfortable because I'm dressed up but that is always the only time i get to wear the nice clothes and shoes that i have as i rarely go out.I've been eyeing Louboutins for a while so I pray God makes me the winner:)
I'm a size 38 or uk size 5
my email is

Big Fashionista said...

My favourite walk has to be The Moonwalk

The brilliant way to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.

I did it a couple of years ago.

Most amazing thing I've ever done.

Me and my size 7 feet

Elle said...

My favourite walk is on the way to times square in NY city in winter. I love the hustle and bustle of the city, and the dazzling lights. Just strolling arm in arm with a loved one and a starbucks in my hands as the snow is falling. It's the best feeling in the world.

I'm a size 41.

Elle xx

Ida said...

My favourite walk is home from university through the Botanical Garden. Those 20 mins make my day. I feel releived and freed from responsibility as I know I've done my duty for the day in the study hall. Sometimes you just need to see some trees and smell some grass.

I'm a 35.5

Jude said...

Every year for the last 9 years I have treated myself to a 4 day trip to New York in December to do my Christmas shopping. I work damn hard all year so I think I more than earn this well deserved break. My favourite walk is the walk up 5th Avenue to Saks to marvel at their fabulous Christmas windows and then to walk across the street to be met by the wonderful sight of the Rockerfeller Tree, ahh it makes my heart sing. It will be even more special this year as I will be walking that walk with my 13 year old daughter :) Jude xx @jadlgw

Shoe Size UK size 7

Hellcandy said...

Love this competition!

My favourite walk has to be along Richmond Riverside.
I have many fond memories there, from sharing a bag of hot chips with my best friend, to attempting rather badly to rollerblade alongside the river. Word to the wise..BAD idea..don't do it!

I love Richmond riverside for it's quirkiness...the German Beer Garden, the "secret" passage to the Terrace Gardens to the field of cows...yes London has cows!

Good luck to all entering the competition :)

Kemcaflipflops said...

My favourite walk is along the coastal path from Kirkcaldy to Lundin Links in Fife, Scotland. It's 13 miles of some of the most picturesque coastline in the UK, through the quaint harbour at Dysart, past Wemyss Castle and along the links golf courses at Leven & Lundin Links.
I walked it on a regular basis when I was training for the first Scottish Moonwalk in 2006 in the months after I unfortunately lost my Mum. The stunning scenery and every changing sea really helped bring me peace, whether it was raining, snowing or scorching sunshine.
It will always be my favourite walk even though during the following year's training with my sons, a dog ran into me and shattered my leg!! I don't think my 6'4" boys will ever forget carrying their Mum a mile to civilisation with me alternating between screaming about being scared of heights and declaring I only needed a tubi grip and some ice!
Kirsten x
shoe size UK 5 Eu 38

Kemcaflipflops said...

My favourite walk is along the coastal path from Kirkcaldy to Lundin Links in Fife, Scotland. It's 13 miles of some of the most picturesque coastline in the UK, through the quaint harbour at Dysart, past Wemyss Castle and along the links golf courses at Leven & Lundin Links.
I walked it on a regular basis when I was training for the first Scottish Moonwalk in 2006 in the months after I unfortunately lost my Mum. The stunning scenery and every changing sea really helped bring me peace, whether it was raining, snowing or scorching sunshine.
It will always be my favourite walk even though during the following year's training with my sons, a dog ran into me and shattered my leg!! I don't think my 6'4" boys will ever forget carrying their Mum a mile to civilisation with me alternating between screaming about being scared of heights and declaring I only needed a tubi grip and some ice!
Kirsten x
shoe size UK 5 Eu 38

Lauren Alice said...

My favourite walk is only a few short steps. I recently moved over 200 miles away from my friends, family and every person I know to start a new adventure in a new city. At the moment work is good, blogging is good, but I'm dreadfully lonely. Every now and again I get to hop on the train back down south where my father always meets me from the station. My "walk" is the 5 metres or so from the station platform to where my dad meets me. So my walk isn't really a walk, it's a run or bound!

(Size 41 - bigfoot!)

Tiffeny Irene Coles said...

My favourite walk in the world is a chilly stroll around a festive market, feeling the snow crunching beneath my feet. Breathing in the smell of mulled wine and cranberry sauce in the cold, leaves a glow to my cheeks and a smile on my face <3

If I win please may I have a size 38? :)


Tiffeny Irene Coles

Demeter said...

This is such a fun contest!

My favourite walk in the world is the Great Wall of China. Perhaps it's because of my heritage or perhaps just because of the awe-inspiring immensity of it. I just remember thinking how each uneven stair step is so rich in history. It was just so hard to believe that it was built by the bare hands of thousands of men, thousands of years ago. Still takes my breath away everytime I think about it.

leoniee said...

wow this is an awesome giveaway! To be honest, I really don't do much walking. But my favourite walk in the world right now is taking a walk around my university campus, especially in the fall. It's just gorgeous. I don't mean to sound like a creeper but I love people watching, everyone is doing their own thing outside and it's just fun. It's honestly the best way to start the school year.

I would like a size 38 and my email is

Thanks again for the giveaway!

Ali said...

My favourite walk for as long as I can remember is by the water. I'm never happier than when I see and hear the ocean. Life seems to slow down to a rhythm more in tune with Nature, people smile more, are less hurried. You can feel modern life dropping off your shoulders with each step, whether your on sand, grass or a pebbly beach. No man made therapy will ever be able to do that for you!

Vanity-Fashionista said...

My favourite walk would be in the snow. It's rare in this country (actually it's almost becoming a yearly event? Sort of lol), but I love walking through the fresh crisp snow. Everything is layered with the white stuff and it's so pretty. Everything, for a few days, hours, minutes, is beautiful and bright. <3

BethQuahSooJing said...

My favorite walk in the world

When the world I've always known turned on me
And the walk to the exit seems miles long
I tell myself its time to let go, to Let things be
So the heart sings achingly with my mam's song

The stares that people gave,
All the wrongs I failed to right.
It seems impossible to be brave,
When my heart is all but light.

The gate closes and I step out
Still i kept my footsteps steady and timed
Suddenly, the tears gushed out
Realizing I could never go back in time.

I held my head high and walk the walk
Lo and behold! From this moment on
I pick myself up and will Fix the faults
It's okay to be broken, but do hold on

the walk shall lead to a new beginning
And this is my favourite walk in the world

Shoe size: 36

Alex said...

My favourite walk would be up the aisle when I'm getting married next year. I would love to wear these shoes in that occasion. :)
Thanks for the giveaway.

Size: 40

tracey said...

my favorite walk is the one I did away from my abusive ex-husband, never had a better stroll in my life.

tracey said...

I am a us size 10 and my favorie walk was when I walked away from my abusive ex-husband.

Debbie said...

My favourite walk has to be through my local market call Petticoat Lane near my work place.
Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I walk through to see what bargains they have, everyone knows me know and I always get a hello and “I have a good bargain for you today” . Whenever I am feeling down with work or having a bad day I just take a walk down the market and cheer myself up with a new dress or some fruit. They also have a wide selections of food, you name they have it!! But I like to stick to my old favourite east end Fish and Chips!!!!

Love its

BTW I am a size 41!!!!

Great giveaway!!!

Samantha Malkin said...

My favourite walk is through Cardiff city centre at night, the diverse restaurants, shops and people always put a smile on my face.

MISS LUCY... said...

My absolute favourite walk is one that I enjoy once a year, on Christmas Day. My parents live in the countryside but quite near to a beach. On Christmas Day after we've had breakfast, we all go for a long, cold, breezy, snowy walk along the beach. It's always completely deserted on Christmas Day as people are busy celebrating, but the icy or snowy sand just make it absolutely breakthtaking. I've got so many photos of my family walking along the beach in the snow together with the dog running round in circles. Perfect Christmas! I hope one day to walk the same walk with my own family x
Size 37,

Beauty Cult said...

My favourite walk would be the one that brings me home to my hubby & daughter. Soppy, but true.

I have ridiculously small feet - size 36.

Sarah said...

My favourite walk is on the beach with my puppy, Molly. Well, if you can call chasing a buck daft labrador up and down on the sand a walk! She loves picking up the huge bits of seaweed that are always along the shore and trying to run off with them, it's brilliant!

Shoe size 36. :)

Sarah x

khhusii said...

My favourite walk in the walk along the countryside from Canterbury to Whitstable. It's got amazing views of the lovely fields and woods . I could walk this route all day everyday because it is not breathtakingly beautiful.
My shoe size is : 36

JayneClaire said...

The walk from my house down past our local hospital and back down a large dual carriageway. It takes about two hours and on many nights this Summer it meant I could go out and get fitter and clear my head a bit when times were tough. To a lot of people this might seem boring but it meant a lot to me when there seemed very little else to be happy about.

Anonymous said...

Amazing giveaway!!! I also have the Micro Pedi and I love it. My pedicurist is not as happy as I am not in to see her as often anymore. Ha ha.
My favorite walk is the road to my Grandparents house in Tubberycurry, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Stone walkway with a beautiful field on the right leading you to a red gate. The gate leads to a small cottage where the sweetest and funniest couple lived for many years. They are gone now and every time I go back I remember the laughter, turf burning in the fire and the smell of my grandfather’s pipe. 37.5. Maureen

LuvJ said...

My favorite walks would have to be those with my 5-year-old daughter. She gives a whole new perspective to everything. Even the weeds and wild flowers are beautiful roses to her. And she still appreciates the beauty of sunsets, when to most, it is just the end of a hectic day. I think every once in a while, we all should take walks, but see things through the eyes of a child :)

Renata said...

My favorite is "Walk on By", because I love Burt Bacharach. (Doesn't eveybody?)
renatamanuel at gmail dot com - my size is 38.5.

Samantha said...

My favourite and most memorable walk was when I walked down the aisle last year to get married to my husband!

Shoe size: 7

Merry Xmas and thanks for the opportunity!


Marija Debattista said...

I really love the walk in the country side... its just incredible. It refreshes my mind and makes me feel at peace with my self and whith everyone else. It takes me into a whole new dimension where everything seems perfect. And for a certain amount of time everything is perfect.

I wear size 6 (or 39)

THanks a lot!!!!

Miss Irish 93 said...

My Favourite walk would be around a local park with my dog and my sister. The park has stunning scenery and has a beautiful lake and is a great place to walk a dog.

My shoe size is a UK size 7.
My email address is

Linh Vu said...

MY favourite walk is the pathway leading up to the plane going home. As I live way from my family, I only get to visit them once every year or two. It's special.

I would love a pair in size 38

I am loving your blog ever since i found out.Appreciate the effort you put into it everyday! Much love and keep doing a great job.

leinti nti said...

hi my favourite walk is inside Hyde Park, walking along the bridge near the serpentine gallery. the view looks like a Turner painting. size 5

Jia said...

My favourite walk is each morning with my dog Kobe. No matter what the weather is like I always try to take him for a walk. He depends on me in every way and I know it means lot to him to get to go outside to get some fresh air. I love him so much.

Size 36.5

Sabrina said...

One of my favourite places to walk around is this resort in up-state New York called Mohonk mountain house. My family went there for my grandparents' 50th anniversary when I was 8, and then again for a few summers following that first trip. There's a beautiful tower near the mountain house called Skytop, and the walk up there offers a stunning view of the Shawangunk mountains and Lake Mohonk below.

Sadly, my grandfather passed away a few years after that first visit to the mountain house, but walking on the path up to Skytop Tower will always hold a special place in my heart.

(My shoe size is 40.5, by the way).

Cathy xox said...

My favourite and most memorable walk is from the outside of Vatican City to the inside of St. Peter's Basilica and just looking up. No part of that ceiling was left untouched by paint. Whilst I'm not a Christian but this was truly heaven on Earth.

I highly recommend everyone to go to Italy just for that walk, you will remember it for a lifetime regardless of your beliefs.

Shoes Size: 38

Charlotte said...

My favourite walk is a pretty short one. It's the few steps from my car to the front door of our home. No matter where I go, or what I do, there's nothing quite like coming home! It's a feeling I never get bored of!

My feet are a uk size 7, but alas, so are my little sisters! I'd love to win, but I foresee them being pinched haha!!

Charlotte x

Alexandra said...

Thank you very much for the review. So helpful! Such useful items should be part of our beloved ones too, therefore, I will buy micro pedi for both me and my mum for Christmas!
My favourite walk is in the fields high in the mountains of Northern Greece- when I am there on holidays as I live in London, an area called Florina. Nature there, is pretty wild and dark, cars rare, and during sunset it's as if you are in a fairytale. You can hear the sound of the little river, the whisper of the boughs as the wind goes through their leaves, and most of all, you are walking back home to a lovely homemade savoury pie made by my dear family! Needless to say, I am not alone in my walk...

Karen said...
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Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

It's not my favorite but my most memorable walk :) We were caught in the rain while walking a trail with lots of fallen leaves. In a short period of time, the trail turned into little streams of water, we found lots of puddles that weren't there when we first came

Size 35.5, I guess

Sheila said...

I did my undergraduate degree at a university that was 5 hours away by plane and then another 4 hours by coach. Because how long it took me to get home each time, I didn't go home very often. On the occasion that I do go home, my favourite walk in the world was the walk from the plane to luggage pick-up and then to the arrivals gate where my family would be there waiting for me. Seeing the familiar faces of my brother and my mom after months of being away made me tremendously happy.

Walking is a simple, yet satisfying way of uniting people. Compared to driving, when you walk to your goal, you can feel your adrenaline levels rising and the excitement building up. I would love to be able to walk in these fabulous shoes to meet my goals.

My e-mail is maddylovesblog[at]gmail[dot]com. My shoe size is US size 8.5 or European size 39.

Thank you for this giveaway!

grace said...

Favorite walk is Worth Avenue Palm Beach Florida Usa.
Feel like a movie star! size Uk5. LOVE&HAPPINESS to u.

GlitterLover said...

My favourite walk is in the gardens of Versaille, outside of Paris, on a foggy autumn Sunday. To look down at the lakes with all of the amazing colours autumn trees can offer is breath taking.

My size is 38,5 and my e-mail:

Tina said...

My favourite walk is one I don't take very often these days (as I travel mainly by car), but that makes it even more special. It's a 10 minute walk from my home to the train station, usually Sathurday early morning (6 am), when I'm about to go for a day tourist trip to Austria by myself. It's a trip for me alone, for my soul. I take with me a couple of magazines to read on the train, on my way to the station I buy some takeaway coffee and a bagel but what I enjoy most is the cold fresh air and the empty streets, except for a random stranger (I live in a small town). Everything looks and even smells different. Nowdays I take this walk maybe once a year, but it still fills me with the anticipation of the day ahead (exploring, trying out new caffes, shopping and just wandering around).
My shoe size: 37,5.

Ayana said...

My feet are also left out of beauty rituals during winter, but that seems like a great "tool".

Ria said...

My favourite walk in the world is not a walk in a specific place, but it's on a specific season. This season. Any walk I do on a cheerfully decorated area, filled with dreamy lights, snowy decorations, warm and festive colours, people with happy faces, while people I love walk with me is a favourite walk. All that magic going around, all the wishes ready to come true, all the Santas who are there, give my walks a little bit of a fairytale feeling.
One of my most recent ones was in the centre of Athens with my cousin with a hot cup of chocolate just watching the festive windows of the shops :D

My size is 40 and my email freeeedz at yahoo dot com

Farrah G said...

This is the BEST giveaway EVER!!

My favourite walk is strutting around my house in a brand new pair of shoes! As soon as I get home, I through the lid off the box, tissue paper all over the floor and then I'll spend the next few hours enjoying my new shoes. The higher the better, the best walk ever!



Emily said...

My favourite walk is from the bathroom to bed at night; I love knowing that I can snuggle down in the warm for hours and not have to worry about anything :)

my shoe size is a 41, or if available, a 42.

emily x

Karen said...

My favourite walk is around the local pond. Its surrounded with trees and is just so serene. But what makes it so special is that it reminds me of going there when I was really young with friends and parents and how much fun we had running around and feeding the ducks - simple pleasures! I also took my little westie there the other day and he tried to jump in to catch a duck! I laughed the whole way around and must have looked mad!

My shoe size is eu39 or 39.5 if possible!

Claire said...

My favourite walk is along the coast in Clontarf Dublin. Even though it's beside a main road it is still nice & quiet and walking by the water always relaxes me no matter how stressed or annoyed I am.

TheTidgy said...

My favourite walk is between Emsworth and Langstone near Portsmouth. My grandad and I used to go there every week and do the same route and get a nice cup of coffee and an icecream for the walk. It is only a 3 mile round trip but this was a perfect distance for my grandad who due to illness couldn't walk any further.
I love this walk for the beautiful sights and because it made my grandad happy. He used to tell me all his life stories and adventures he'd had when "he was my age". It was lovely just to see him recalling all his favourite memories in such a beautiful location.
Colourful sunsets shining over the harbour, ducks in the lake and a gentle breeze rolling in over the water. It is truly magnificent!

I unfortunately don't do this walk every week anymore since my grandad passed earlier in the year but I still visit when I can and remember all the good times we had. We even scattered some of his ashes along the walk as it was one of his favourite places to be.

Shoe size: 37.5 (I've heard these shoes come up big I'm normally a UK 5 so 38 but I've heard to go down half a size)

Joy said...

My favourite walk may not be particularly picturesque. There might not be an exciting view and there isn't beautiful lighting. There's not much to look at except a passport control officer, a turning carousel and beaten up luggage going round and round. But the walk from the plane when I land in Newcastle after a long haul flight from where I'm based in the Gulf, to my family in the arrivals lounge is the favourite walk I ever do. There's no walk which fills me with such excitement, anticipation and happiness, because going through those revolving doors which spin me into arrivals and seeing the people I love smiling back at me is wonderful. I know they say it's the journey which matters, but sometimes the destination makes it all the worth while.

Shoe size 36.5 :)

Beth_m said...

My favourite walk has to be the walk to my lecture theatre at university. The walk itself is pretty enough, who doesn't love crisp autumn air and crunchy leaves, but the reason it is my favourite walk is because of what it means to me. Over the last year I suffered from chronic depression and anxiety dissorder and on somedays couldn't face leaving my own front door. Every time I take this walk it reminds me of how far I've come and how much closer I am to achieving a goal which only six months ago I never thought I could achieve. I am so looking forward to taking the walk across the stage for graduation and a pair of superb shoes would just be the icing on the cake. I am a size 7

Carolann said...

I'm grateful for any walk. No matter where I am, or who I'm with, it's a blessing to be able to walk anywhere!

Shoe size is 39

RLH said...

My favorite walk is walking along the river from Westminster to London Bridge, starting off north-side (crossing the river at London Bridge) and ending up south-side for the most amazing view of St Paul's from the Tate Modern. This is such a well loved walk, past tons of history, and everyone else walking with you knows it too! Everyone should take this walk at least once in their lives!!! Every time I take this walk I also discover some new detail that I hadn't seen before!
A magical walk!

RLH said...

My favorite walk is walking along the river in London from Westminster Bridge to London Bridge. Starting north-side and crossing at London Bridge south-side for an amazing view of St. Paul's. You pass some of the grandest, historic and interesting buildings in London! This is such a well trodden walk, loved by so many, it is hard to see how anyone might not love it! Everyone who takes this walk knows it! My favorite part of this walk is discovering some new detail each time, last time it was the underwater entrance to the MI5 building at low tide! I hope that many others will enjoy this walk as much as I do!!!

Size 38

Thank you!

Christina Juarez said...

My favorite walk is any walk with my husband. Whether on the beach or in the rain, after so many years together I've learned to cherish every moment with him. You never know when the kids or the office will call you away. So every walk when I get to hold his hand and share our hearts is a walk I cherish. USA 8. UK 6. Euro 39/40

s waqar said...

My favourite walk has to be the one time we,my family, had from the riverbank back to our home.We had gone to spend an evening there and our car brokedown.It was a beautiful autumn evening when the sky has all these amazing shades of orange and the trees,oh the enchanting trees with their leaves falling and so so tall, looking like giant gaurds protecting natures treasure.There was this cool breeze and the walk back home didnt seem long at all and then suddenly it started drizzling.It was a welcome rain coz it hadnt rained for quite some time.The soil soakedup the water and gave this amazing sent that is indescribable in words.This happened in a remote city in Pakistan.I still remember it like yesterday infact its my area of retreat in my mind when i want to runaway from all the worries in the world.I am smiling as i am writing this.Ah to be mom's little girl again.

oh and my shoe size is 39.

Anonymous said...

my favourite walk would have to be past all my favourite clothes shops in my local town

coachwife6 said...

A walk up the mountain behind my house with my three dogs. I am 8.5

Lady Lloyd said...

My Favourite Walk is the 'Walk Of Shame' the morning after a gloriously tipsy night out, and waking up at a handsome strangers house....

My size is 41

my email

Danielle said...

My favorite walk would be in this wooded area just outside the city I live in. We take our dogs there and they love it! In fall it is breathtaking!

Jade said...

This is a bit long winded, but bear with me.
My favourite walk was, and still is, walking alone through thick snow in the tiny village I live. With a coat wrapped around me, my hands in my pockets, and my hair being blown around in the freezing wind. Every blade of grass in the fields was blanketed in white, every tree looked like it was dusted in icing sugar- nothing had been touched for days and the entire world sparkled.
I wandered 2 miles, jumping over fences and getting my scarf caught in bushes a few times, before I made it to the tiny shop in my village, bought a bag of marshmallows, tucked them in my coat and made my way back just as another snowstorm was starting. When I got home, covered in snow, my mum was waiting for me. I threw the marshmallows on the kitchen counter and said "I got you a present."

We spent the rest of the day and evening, curled up on the sofa with hot chocolates with marshmallows, watching carry on films. It's my favourite walk, because before we were never close, but since that day last winter we've been inseparable.

I'm a shoe size UK 4, European 37.

Kat said...

Oooh, I love reading everyone's comments!

My favourite walk of the day is the one right at the end. I have a 5/10 minute walk from the train station to my flat and it's the best because I've finished work for the day (yay!) and I know I get to see my husband soon. There's nothing I love looking forward to more than sitting at home on the couch cuddling with him and unwinding after a day at work. If I'm lucky, he even cooks me dinner :P

I'm a size 38 :)

woodgirl said...

My favorite walk is in the woods were I live, early morning, just after light, with a cup of fresh coffee. I'm silent so I can see the deer before they disappear. I'm a size 9 US. Thanks for the draw.

chewysee said...

My favourite walk in the world would have to be the final stretch up the summit of Mount Fuji. Not being the sporty type, it was such an accomplishment!

The journey was difficult, having started at stupid o'clock in the morning just to arrive there before sunrise. Highly recommend it.

Thanks for the comp, quite enjoyed reading others' stories :)

Size 37 :)

Ely said...

I absolutely love to walk anywhere in London. London is my favorite city in the world and everytime I get to visit, I always walk for hours and hours because I love it so much and I cannot get enough! I am studying very hard in hopes that it will become my place of living so I can walk there everyday with a massive smile on my face.
I am a size 38.
Thank you very much for the giveaway x

Elyna Foong said...

My favorite walk is around my suburban neighborhood in the early evening. I usually do it in sneakers, as my aunt, mom, and me take my grandma for evening strolls along the sidewalks of quiet streets and houses. Grandma has dementia, and it has worn her down to the point where she cannot be unsupervised for her own safety. But we know she enjoys her walks, as she has been doing the rectangular path around our neighborhood for over a decade on her own when she was younger. Now this walk is a time of bonding between all of us, 3 generations, and we have both laughed and cried along this path. Life is beautiful, and an action as simple as walking together can create a lifetime of memories for everyone involved. :)

Elyna Foong said...

Oops, I just posted about my favorite walk but forgot to include my shoe size. It is 38, please edit my last post for me to include this :)

Need hie said...

My favourite walk has got to be somewhere along the Dorset coast, probably the most picturesque is between Lulworth Cove to just past Durdle Door.

Thanks for the giveaway

I am a size 37

Need hie said...

My favourite walk has got to be somewhere along the Dorset coast, probably the most picturesque is between Lulworth Cove to just past Durdle Door.

Thanks for the giveaway

I am a size 37

Natalie said...

My favourite walk is around the headland at Cap d'Artrutx in Menorca. My boyfriend and I went for a lovely walk there in September, just as the sun was starting to go down. There wasn't another soul around as we wandered along the coast and then scrambling across the rocks to get the best view.

We sat on the rocks for a while talking, and then, completely out of the blue, he proposed.

It's a walk we plan to do again after our wedding next year.

Nicola said...

My favourite walk (and training run) is along the beaches near where I consider 'home', despite many temporary moves away for university and work. The first sight of the beach and open space after living in built up cities really allows me to relax.

It also holds many memories, both sad and happier, from spending time with friends as a teenages, at the end of a sponsored cycle ride, and walking with my grandparents before my grandad passed away. I hope someday to move back permanently!

I'm a size 37.5. With all the training I do, the Micro-Pedi looks like something I could really need anyway (saving my feet from running shoes and football boots)!

Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

City said...

what your favourite walk in the world is and why:

My favourite walk is over Blackfriars Bridge, down Stamford street, over waterloo bridge, past the strand and into Covent Garden. That’s because when I was 19 that’s when I truly fell in love with London!!! We were experiencing an Indian summer and the sun was setting as I walked over Blackfriars Bridge, the sky was a mass of different hues of purple, pinks and blues and I stopped for a minute or two to watch the London eye slowly go round. I know it sounds really corny but over the summer I had been travelling and when I returned I was so grateful to be on solid ground instead of being cooped up in long distance travels in some type of wheeled vehicle. That's when I counted all my blessings and truly ‘fell in love with London’ and walked to Covent Garden (where I used to work and enjoy my evening in my late teens/early twenties)

I thoroughly recommend walking through London! It is incredibly nostalgic and reminiscent, especially if you grew up in the big smoke!

Thank you for the competition!

Anonymous said...

My Favourite Walk..its simple....picking my son up from School and walking Home and him telling me all about his favourite part of the day.....a big cuddle and a story about his day is there anything better. x

If im lucky enough to win i would love a size 40 please.
Great Giveaway.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

My favorite walk is to my plane sit every time I have the chance to travel. Love to go to other countries and meet other cultures.

I'm a size 39 in Argentina, US 8 1/2.

Georgie said...

My favourite walk…isn’t a place at all. It’s a sensation. It’s a moment. It’s the walk when you feel good about yourself. It’s the walk you have when, for just that time, you don’t have a care in the world. It’s the walk you have when you have taken the time, to just be you. It’s a walk that tells people you are strong, amazing, and beautiful. It’s a walk of someone who has known pain and joy, who keeps going no matter what the odds. It’s the walk of a survivor, of someone who knows their worth. It’s the walk when you are free. It’s the walk of a woman.

Size 39. Thanks BBB x

Anonymous said...

My favourite walk in the world is the walk that Kirsten Dunst and her friends take to watch the sun rise in the Sofia Coppola film 'Marie Antoinette'. Celebrating her birthday, the group stay up all night and totter down to the gardens of the Palace of Versailles just as the day is about to begin. The combination of inappropriately lavish costume and unbeatable natural sights makes for some of the most beautiful movie footage of all time.
Love from Rose, shoe size UK 5 x

Carole D said...

My favourite walk is the one I have when I am going to meet up the man I love. I just walk without thinking how my feet are actually making steps further, pushed by some magical strenght. I am listenning to a love song, dreaming about how the next two hours will be wonderful. I feel confident and I walk like a movie star, thinking I will make him share this walk for the rest of our lifes.

Sofia Lopez said...

My favorite walk is in my home town, Chiclana, Spain.

I'm living in Cardiff at the moment, but more than the obvious sun, sand and sea breeze I miss walking with the people I love. I miss my misbehaving dog that shoots in an out of the bushes, dunes and pine trees by the ocean. I miss chatting to my mum while breathing in that nostalgic salty scent. I miss running and piggybacking my sister dodging rippling waves on the windy beach. I miss walking with my boyfriend hand in hand.

The surroundings couldn't be more beautiful, but its them that make it perfect.


joyshildrick said...

Good afternoon BBB
my favourite walk is in the lake district a small place between ambleside & windermere called waterhead

The beautiful lakeside with it's tranquil water & slight mist first thing in the morning when not many people about
the colours amazing
It gives you such a feeling of wellbeing

the majestic hills(fells) peeking through the morning mist put everyting into prospective

have done this walk for 14 years never get tired of it

joy x
size 37

Maitha Ahmed said...

One of my favourite walks is along Embankment in the evening. I love the twinkling lights in the trees along the river and after a long week at work it forces me to remember the beautiful things about London - and why I moved here from the other side of the world.
It also reminds me of when we first started working here and with no money, my husband (then boyfriend) used to just go for walks along the river and pop into the Tate for a free afternoon!

Reeba said...

My favourite walk has got to be the one my husband and I took away from my verbally and emotionally abusive inlaws. My husband and I were so depressed while we lived there. The day I encouraged my husband (and viceversa) to leave that place and all the luxuries that came with living in a mansion and driving nice cars and travelling first class is one of the proudest moments of my life. It was my 22nd birthday the day I left everything to start all over again from scratch. It's been one whole year since we've been living in our one bedroom flat but every day the walk I make to my apartment when I return from work or anywhere else is the best walk of my life. It may be small but it's my own and when I enter the door of my cosy little place I feel so proud of my self of letting go of everything material and meaningless and choosing to make my own way independently instead. I may not have a fancy car or a car at all but I cherish every step it takes to walk home and a fabulous pair of shoes to do that in will be the cherry on top!

Im a size 6

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Amazing giveaway - how could I not enter?

One of my favourite walks was in Paris along the Promenade Plantee when I was a student. Basically, the Promenade Plantee is a disused railway line that is now a linear park about 3 miles long, stretching from the east of Paris right to the Bastille. We got the Metro out to the suburbs and walked all the way in and it was fantastic. Such a great idea, beautifully planted and fantastic views and architecture along its length. I'd love to walk it again!

I'm a size 38.5, but can get away with 39 if I have to!

Thanks again! xx

Alexandra said...

I am Alexandra, and left a comment above about my favourite walk in the mountains of Greece (Florina area) but forgot to mention my size. It's 38!!

Reeba said...

My email incase we were supposed to include that too:

Kat said...

Wow! A chance to win a pair of Louboutins?! Amazing!
My favourite walk? Well, it was my favourite walk even before the tale I am about to tell you!
My boyfriend lives in this little village in Buckinghamshire. My favourite walk is the one from his parents house (we met at university) to the village centre. There is a pond with ducks, and old fashioned style barbers shop, a small post office, library and other shops you would expect to find in a quaint little English village! (Being a city girl myself, I didn't know places like this really existed outside midsomer murders!)
About two weeks ago, after walking from my boyfriends parents house to the village, along the village green, he stopped walking got down on one knee and proposed right there and then! Surprised wasn't the word! So I think that walk will be my favourite forever! He really is my sole (slight shoe joke/pun there for you!) mate, and I am so Happy!!!
I don't expect to win this, but I just wanted to share with everyone!!!
(I am a size 41, and email is, just incase!)

Thank you!
Love to all!!!!!!
Kat Xxx